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Diana Grey has had a lifetime interest in sport, science, movement and the human body. Her education after secondary school was as varied as her part time jobs. From bakery assistant to bank officer to Tantric massage therapist and many jobs in between as a single mother of two, she managed to fit in one year of a Bachelor of Arts (Police Studies), 6 months of Applied Science (Physics), one year of Naturopathy and even dabbled in the male dominated areas of Motor Mechanics, Electronics and Landscape Design.  She found everything she studied interesting but nothing she was actually passionate about. 

Her natural curiosity into How Things Work eventually led to an all consuming love affair with Natural Medicine and the Health and Fitness industry. At the insistence of a friend and much appreciated support from her now husband, Mal, she gained her Personal Trainer Certification in 2008. Working as a PT truly fuelled her desire to learn more about the mind/body/spirit connection to help her clients reach their goals faster. She has since studied, both in Australia and overseas – Yoga and the Pranashama Yoga Teacher Training Certification, Sports and Holistic Kinesiology, CHEK Exercise Coach, Nutrition, Vipassana Meditation, Massage (including TCM, Swedish, Balinese, and Thai Yoga Massage), Aromatherapy, Bach and Australian Bush Flower Essences, Crystal Healing and Reiki.

Yoga was first introduced to Diana by her mother-in-law at age 23 but she did not realise the immense benefits or make it an integral part of her life until much later when her boys became teenagers and she sought some stress relief from the rising testosterone levels at home!  She found that her daily Yoga practice gave her a great full body workout while at the same time smoothing out her own fluctuating emotions and teaching her so much about her body/mind that she wanted to pass this on to others and raise the level of physical and mental health in her local community.

Yoga in some form or another has been handed down for thousands of years to people from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. Everyone can benefit from these wonderful ancient practices. No other form of exercise has been around for 5000 or more years. How can this be? 

The only reason is of course, because it works...